Provider Services

At Peters Agency Provider Services (PAPS), we provide independent, dependable, and comprehensive care by hiring highly trained, competent home aides. Personal Care Attendants (PCA), Advanced Restorative Aides (ASR), Registered Nurses (RN), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) provide assistance with personal care and everyday home chores. In order for our clients to maintain optimal independence, these aides carry out the care plan for the Advantage Program – a medicaid state waiver and private pay program.

Provider Services Goals

The goal of Peters Agency Provider Services is to assist its clients in reaching the highest level of health by thoroughly assessing, educating, monitoring, and treating their condition.

We believe that coordination of care is essential in order to ensure optimal treatment outcomes. Referrals to social services agencies and other disciplines will be utilized whenever required in order to achieve these goals.

Our Promise

It is the policy and promise of Peters Agency Provider Services to provide the highest quality of Home Care to its clientele.

We believe that the involvement of clients and their families in the care process is integral to treatment success. We encourage clients to participate in the development of their treatment plan of care in order to provide optimal independence and successful treatment