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Peters Agency Home Health is a trusted name in healthcare with years of experience serving adults. Our holistic approach to home care provides a comprehensive, client centered treatment plan designed specifically for you and your loved ones. Our skilled staff is highly trained and equipped to care for all ages. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology that allows your physician to monitor your health status from the comfort of your own home. At Peters Agency, we understand that caring for a sick loved one can be difficult. Trying to find the right medical supplies, worrying about the expenses and balancing doctor's appointments can become overwhelming. For that reason, our agency has Care Coordinators, who work diligently to guarantee you have the resources necessary for optimal care. Our experienced nursing team will continually evaluate the treatment plan to make certain your needs are met as your condition changes. Available 24 hours a day, Peters Agency Home Health is committed to providing the personalized care you deserve.


Peters Agency Home Health Services will provide timely, knowledgeable holistic health care with the highest standards of integrity, in concept with the consumer, his/her caregivers and medical team providers, in a manner that is consistent with our belief that " Care With Prayer Changes Things"

We believe that the involvement of clients and their families in the care process is integral to treatment success. We encourage clients to participate in the development of their treatment plan of care in order to provide optimal independence and successful treatment.